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Suppose that I am working late and night, and suddenly I decide to go to sleep even though I am not tired - postponing all the remaining work for later. And it's like I have a holiday, I am not required to get up early at all.

Can this be considered procrastination?

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There is no use attaching any tags and names to this behaviour. If you are asking this to decide, should you blame yourself or not - don't blame yourself no matter how you call it.

More constructive questions is: "Does this behaviour indicate anything? If yes, should you do something about it?"

First, why you suddenly decide to go to sleep? Maybe it's time to go to bed according to your weekday schedule? But, yes, this can be because you don't want to do some annoying/difficult work. Sleeping is just a sort of escape is such a case.

Second, why don't you want to continue working? Maybe you brain is tired of thinking because you had much of this already? Maybe you are afraid of the size of you task or feel that all you efforts are futile? Maybe you have got a quarrel with your (girl/boy/just)friend recently and really have to think it over instead of working? Maybe you are feeling you should do something completely different with you life?

If you find the underlying cause, you will be able solve the actual problem. "Procrastination" is usually not the cause, it's a sympthom.

Again, don't blame or push yourself, this path will lead to nowhere but more pain. Try to understand your needs.

By the way, you are already doing good: sleeping is a much better alternative than endlessly browsing internet, watching TV, playing video games...

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Not necessarily, it could be considered as being some downtime - an extended break from your work. Also, it is a good way to maintain your natural body rhythms, which have longterm benefits.

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