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I am sharing with you my week experiment result.

Out of 7 days, 2 days my confidence was up and every difficult task was done and I was happy but on the other 5 days my confidence was less, some tasks remained pending and stress was more.

When I analysed why my self confidence was down my reasons were

  1. Too many future plans to execute
  2. When people put pressure on me with negative thoughts and I wanted to disprove their statements by taking necessary actions I was unable to do that
  3. Fear of what happens if I fail on certain important goals
  4. Being more innocent
  5. Taking more time to come out of bad experience

My question here is how I can keep my self confidence and self belief up every time and increase productivity?

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Can you somehow avoid the "people who put pressure on you with negative thoughts"? For example, if they are online, just stop reading the website. (My mood improved when I stopped reading political discussion on internet.) How much negativity do you get from each person? If 80% comes from one of them, just avoid that one person. – Viliam Búr Jun 12 '13 at 16:04
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I think that your experiment shows exactly how important self confidence for productivity is. Good question how to keep this up and high all the time. This might be difficult because self confidence seems not to be related with real achievements and ability.

I'm pretty sure that everybody here knows a person who is full of them- or herself and is extremely self confident ... with no reason. They belief in them self and when you ask such a person why they are this way you might hear some strange reasons a like they are proud of some ability or achievements (nothing really important and nothing that would convince you). And this is the key. You need a reason to be proud of something but it doesen't matter if this is a good reason or a real thing. You have to belief in it - only this counts.

To be more practical there some mental techniques how to become self confident. One I like the most is the NLP technique called "Moment of importance". In the meditation I recall a moment in my life where I was in the best state of mind feeling very self confident and been proud of myself. I remember every aspect - where it was, who was there and what was told to me, the inner feeling ... everything to jump in in this situation. And then something wonderful happens - I begin to fell a like I felt in this situation - I feel great and I'm self confident.

This could be combined with "anchoring" to memorize it and have it ready whenever you need it. Though anchoring is something that I never mastered so I have to meditate.

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A somewhat esoteric method that I use in the all-to-frequent times that I feel a tad disillusioned is to spend a little bit of time to 'refocus' my thoughts. Specifically, I refocus on 3 main aspects:

  1. What I have achieved - in my mind, I refer to this as items that can not be taken away from me. This can be anything, for me it is the 'unique' achievements that I have been able to do. I find this works best when the achievements are relatively recent.

  2. Remember a short term or the 'next' goal that you are actively working on. This step is a little more practical, focus on what you need to do in the mindset that you are indeed able to fulfil those steps.

  3. Focus on making 'contingency' plans should any of the steps or goals fail.

On that last point, it takes a bit of reminding and practice, but try and get into the mindset that failure is a step towards success.

As for other people's negativity, step 1 in the list above may help with that one, as with being able to cope with bad experiences.

Essentially, look at how far you have gone, and look at what you need to do next.

Hope this helps.

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