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I'm looking for a solution for a user. User is not technologically advanced, but willing to learn. User is not doing this for a job, does not have access to sharepoint, exchange, or other corporate environments. This is not necessarily a project management issue, more of a data structuring issue. User is a volunteer.

They have, say, only one type of project, but they have multiple concurrent cases. Right now, the user is visually organizing the cases via placing on the desktop in formation.

File types are emails, pdf, word, excel, nothing unusual. The snag is the emails, they need to be saved and renamed.

I've set the user up with outlook to organize emails as they come in. I've also migrated the user to utilizing outlook calendar and tasks for recurring (monthly) due dates. I've explained categories and archiving as well as folder structure. Normally my solution would be evernote with tags, clipping, storing and linking, but this user wouldn't have enough space with the free version.

The user needs the information to be available as soon as it is needed; that's why it's all on the desktop and readily accessible because time may be a factor.

Each case has specific and unique data, mostly in the form of notes and reports. Some are generated and emailed to user from others, some are user's personal notes. User also has referencing documents to call up. Not every file within the case is in an email, so going through outlook only doesn't seem to be a possibility.

I need the data to sync to the cloud. I can achieve this by having the data in a dropbox folder, but then it cannot be visually organized. I could try to get the user to tag files with meta-data and turn on indexing, but that's not very friendly for a conversion. Ideally I would like the data files to stay in the dropbox folder, but there be another solution for visually organizing and calling up the files. But, this might not be the most efficient way to do this.

What type of solutions would best fit this scenario? I don't need to map the flow of activities or services, just visualize the referencing data documents by case and be able to identify what types of data each document contains.

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I would look into one of the following:

-Visual Understanding Environment

*Simple to tailor to niche use
*Able to link nodes straight to resources.
*Has online synchronization options built in.
*Keywords or tags


*Intended for learning curriculum design.
*Need to make custom stencils and templates for it to be sensible for this.
*Can connect to mySql db's
*Keywords or tags

-The Brain

*Not Free
*Highly Visual
*Tags, Keywords, Categories

-Outliner of Giants

*Attach any filetype directly to a note
*Tags, Priorities and Labels
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Thanks, sorry I let this sit for so long! – Raystafarian Jul 9 '13 at 9:35

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