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Different colors have different effects on our moods and behaviors. So, for a todo board that is in line of sight of your workspace, what would be an effective color?

Some supporting arguments/references would be great.

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This may be strictly personal based on the associations we/you have with colors. What colors brighten you up if you look around? Use those. – Jan Doggen Jun 17 '13 at 10:31

Red and yellow are signal colors that are indicating potential dangers. Red stands for blood and vitality, also fire. Yellow is often seen on poison reptiles like snakes and also insects like the wasp. This two colors are the most effective for our perception. There is a good reason why many digital postit apps using yellow background and black fonts. Yellow-black has the highest known contrast. This is the reason why road signs around the world have this color combinations at least the ones which are warning drivers about dangers. If this color should be used for your to do app depends on your goal. If it's about visibility, then red and yellow are the natural choose. But this colors may catch to much attention and can be distractive for your work. Then neutral color should be chosen. White or better a light gray by daylight or black and dark grey at night.

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I would vote on yellow. You cannot miss this color.

Writing on RED or Black also have it's own plus.

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