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I always find it difficult to express love or affection towards my family members, friends, and people surrounding me.

  1. When my sister was alone in a hostel crying, I found it difficult to say "Hey sister, don't worry I'm there to help you." Something is obstructing me to express my affection and take the first step.

  2. When I had a fight with my friend, I cannot reconcile with him unless he calms down and turns positively towards me. But inside my heart, I always have the feeling of reconciliation.

I can't express myself, unless the other person starts first. Words don't come. I cannot take the first step, but feelings and emotions are aloft inside my heart. When the other person doesn't express affection, I too will not. When the other person doesn't reconcile after a fight, I too will not. I always feel sad, why should he/she take the first step instead of me?

This, I know, is ego. Very difficult to put it off. How can I balance it better? How can I take the first step and express my feelings?

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The way do do thing is... well ... is doing them.

You seem to recognize the need for action. And want it too. (Not completely clear if the want appears in time or just after the fact).

Not having the "right" words ready is pretty common, but you seem more like using it as an excuse. With proper intent in the situations quite any words will do, or even lack of them, just a hug or whatever like action. And all you have to do is engage. The rest will work out.

If it's really ego that holds you back, you're the only one who can keep it in check, an overrule. I doubt there is any recipe for that except your being aware and do the concious choice and relevant action.

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