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I use Gmail at work and I'm interested in using it more effectively. Does anyone have any productivity tips for how they use Gmail and Google Calendar at work?

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Gmail offers quite a bit in terms of the ability to organize you inbox. Some basis controls are :

  • Use labels and filters to divide up your emails into the different categories depending on the types of people you may interact with

  • Create the appropriate circles for your contacts on Google+. This will add a label that specifies the specific group of the contact who is emailing you. For example, add your colleagues to a circle and name the circle colleagues. Now any email from people in this circle will automatically have the this as a label on it.

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Thanks for the suggestions. For labels: what categories do you find useful? Do you use nested labels lab? – Carolyn Jun 20 '13 at 18:22
@Carolyn I dont use nested labels. Just the simple labels are enough for me:) I use categories based on originating source (FB, LinkedIn, Careers) and circle, if present. Other than that, my inbox is divided into Important/Unimportant. For this I use Gmail's automated filters which were somewhat off initially but over time got surprisingly accurate. – AsheeshR Jun 26 '13 at 12:44

There is bunch of publications saying how to use e-mail at work to increase your productivity. For sure only Gmail and Google Calendar is not enough. You should buy or find 3rd party application in which you may find any workflow.

For example my best solution would be to use GTD together with email processing. Imagine a product in which you are keeping your inbox empty, and from e-mails that contain any useful information you are creating actionable tasks.

What's more important you can set reminders to them just to not forget about them.

Honestly in the internet you may find many programs to help you in Task/Time management

I would highly suggest you to start using tool called SmartGTD more information can be found on the webpage

Soon it will be cross platform solution iOS/Android and WEB.

Have fun in reading, Br. Marek

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Please reveal your personal affiliation to Shilling for a company without revealing your connection is frowned upon:… – mkennedy Jun 21 '13 at 19:34

I find the keyboard shortcuts are a very big win for me in gmail - and as I use it as my todo list I spend quite a lot of my day in there. It's also worth considering some of the customisations from Stylish, and which can help free up screen real- estate.

For me the particularly useful thing about productivity and gmail/google calendar is that I can use the calendar to quickly set up a task reminder that will email me when ready - I find myself getting up to a dosen of these on some days (particularly monday - because there are lots of things that I add to the calendar over the weekend)

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