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It's summer and I have no summer classes. I tend to have 25 hour days so with no schedule I stay up later and sleep in later and get more sleep that I probably should, 10+ hours.

I am working on programming but when I wake up after sleeping in so long I have no energy and cannot focus. I do my daily routine, shower, eat. Eggs, ham, cheese, fruit, oatmeal. I get around the house. But I am still impossibly tired.

I'm hoping there is an answer other than caffeine because typically it just makes me uneasy rather than waking me up.

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Maybe I am misunderstanding this, but what do you mean by 25 hour days? – AsheeshR Jun 24 '13 at 2:17
do you feel impossibly tired when there were classes? – maz3tt Jun 24 '13 at 9:25

Why don't you study programming in a public place such as a library or an internet cafe?

It's tempting to relax and goof off at home when the bed, tv, refrigerator, video game console, couch, etc is within an arm's reach. If you study in a public place, you will be forced to keep yourself alert and study since there is nothing else to do if you have only a table, chair, laptop, and wifi connection with you (you won't sleep the whole day in a public place right?)

The first few days will be horrible and unproductive since your body is adapting to a different routine and awake schedule. Eventually, everything will be habitual and waking up early and studying in a public place (regardless of the distractions) becomes easy and normal for you.

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If he can't do it at home, he won't be able to focus at a public place. His problem is probably physiological. – Tool Jun 24 '13 at 17:04

What I do is wake up early (around 6) and run for a while. Then take a 30 minute rest and shower. Helps me get awake!

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I had this problem once, here's how I mitigated it.

1) Use to find like-minded people (Programmers in your area). 2) Develop relationships with the more accomplished ones. (This is important, avoid having too many "starters" like yourself around). 3) Do 20 pushups before you sit down to code. 4) Uninstall your video games from your PC. (Extreme but you'll be happy you did come September). 5) The moment you feel sleepy, head to the park/mall. Walk around, get a milkshake head back.

6)"break" your bio clock. (Right now, I sleep - 8:30 am) and I couldn't be happier. 7) Drink tons of water. (NOT sodas). Dehydration causes drowsiness.

Exert yourself more. (Us programmers have to be careful that we don't end up sitting for 20+ hours each day)

Hope this helps.

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Note that there are many medical reasons that could be the cause of excessive sleeping and extreme fatigue. To exclude such possibilities, consider seeing a doctor.

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Being occupied physically helps.

For example while coding you could stand up and code (using a work desk that supports that). It is good for the back too.

While reading I actively take notes and that has helped me focus.

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