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I was working on a CS research project and generated a lot of deliverables like code, data, diagrams, reports etc. which I stopped working on 4 months ago. Now I want to resume it as the project evaluation is near.

Moreover, I have less time to finish this project now, so how do I proceed? and more importantly, how do I start? and from where do I start?

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Did you do any UML diagrams or such? – Juha Untinen Jun 27 '13 at 10:54
Ya something very similar to it @JuhaUntinen – Ali Jun 27 '13 at 11:09
Then I would start by reading them, and bringing the ideas back to mind. Since it's been just 4 months, it should come back quite quickly. Then you can quickly browse through the codes at a glance, and soon you'll probably be running again :) – Juha Untinen Jun 27 '13 at 12:34

I think the best way to proceed is to start afresh using what you've done so far as a guideline. As with all CS projects that generate code, there are certain decisions and counter-decisions you made in choosing certain courses of action and the only way to fully grasp why you did what you did in the way you did it is to retrace your steps.

I think it's best you set out a weekend or 3 days if you can, to put in 12hours plus into this effort. That way you can catch up quickly and you'll have enough foundation understanding to carry on the project in the originally intended path.

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I am a Software Professional. So there are a lots of cases where project is developed and there is a requirement for maintenance and up-gradation of project after quiet good amount of time (say 6-8 months or 1 year). I have worked on multiple projects of this sort. I would explain you what I do and what helps me.

1. Start from where you left off & Refresh Your Memory

You need to start from where you left off, as you want to complete it in a short time. While your project evaluation is near try to get your memory refreshed about the previous work you did. All the flow of the project, data, code, etc. Without much of a stress just go through every report, code and everything possible in a casual manner (i.e without taking stress). A human brain is very smart. It would see and relate to things you did before.

This way you can refresh your memory for the project.

2. Start with small tasks. Get Your Mind the Deserved Break To Increase Productivity

Once you do that, you need to just start with some small tasks on hand and give yourself some extra time with it initially. Once you get settled into the project well, then you can manage your tasks quicker. And also after working hours, you need to stop thinking about it, no matter how much is remaining. This way, you get your mind will get a deserved break after a day's work and be fresh to go full throttle the next morning.

3. Re-usability of Previous work

Also importantly as far as task management is concerned, do reuse things you created previously to make sure that no or less time in recreating things, you had already worked on previously.

Hope this helps you :)

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