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So, based on the Fancy Hands equivalent for Germany question, I wanted to start a question to collect websites which enable you to be more productive and dispatch tasks to someone else. So, which services have you used? Which are out there and in what region do they operate? What does it cost? Is it hard to get started?

Personally I don't have experience with a service like FancyHands because I'm from the Netherlands, so I'm also interested in ways to do this stuff cross-borders and in which countries different services operate.

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I'm voting to close your question as 'too broad'. I suggest you edit it and describe 'tasks' better. E.g. if you include programming tasks, there's dozens of websites that can be added and your question becomes way too broad. Do you exclude people coming to your place to do things? Every site offering plumbing services would qualify.... – Jan Doggen May 19 '15 at 7:40
I'd have to agree with Jan on this one - if you can edit it to tightly define the scope we may be able to reopen. – Rory Alsop May 19 '15 at 10:20

These are the ones I know of (no experience with 'em):

FancyHands (

USA-based, but can run tasks wherever you are as long as you are speaking English. Can't do tasks that require physical actions. Plans starting from $25/month to $65/month. (

TaskRunner is based in the UK. TaskPosters can post tasks on the site and set their price. TaskRunners can 'pick' tasks they want to do.

TaskRabbit (

TaskRabbit is USA based and works roughly the same as TaskRunner. TaskRabbit is only available in 19 cities (Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, SF Bay Area, San Antonio, Houston, Miami, Seattle, Portland, LA & OC and New York City and more).

Fray (

Dutch iPhone App which is currently only usable in Amsterdam. Works roughly the same as TaskRabbit and TaskRunner: people post tasks and other people carry them out.

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You might consider using Amazon's Mechanical Turk for tasks that can be done on a computer.

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