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I am pretty sure I saw an app like this on the Android market yesterday, but looking for it again for an hour or more, even in my browser history, I am thinking maybe I am mistaken.

I am looking for an Android app that has subtasks AND also shows a percent completed for the main task.

So, something like this:

Get Gift for Jack: 40%
   [x] Research Items of Interest
   [x] Purchase Gift
   [ ] Purchase Wrapping Paper
   [ ] Wrap Gift
   [ ] Drive to Jack's house and give gift

I would prefer an app that's
1) Free
2) No Subscription 3) Doesn't Need an Online Account to be used. All the information should be stored directly to the phone / external card. If synching features and so on are offered fine, but not something where one is forced to enter his / her tasks on a website.


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You could try ZenDay, which meets all your requirements, except the % measurement. The team is very responsive, I'm sure if you try it and ask for that new request, they'd respond quickly.

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Mind Raider and it's online counterpart Mind Forager fit the bill precisely. There is no specifically mobile app but forager alone in mobile browser would satisfy you i believe. If not Mind Raider has a Java version.

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