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I have good sleep habits as a general rule and am very happy with them. However I've joined a new club for a particular sport and the practice time is 9pm to 10pm. The problem with this is that it's intense competitive exercise and while it's physically exhausting, it's also mentally very stimulating. When exercising at this time during college it would often be 2 or 3am before the buzz wore off enought to be considering sleep.

Now I like the post exercise feeling, but I'd also like to be able to function properly the next day (particularly because I find my body needs more sleep after exercise anyway), so are there suggestion for ways to defuse the buzz rapidly?

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The best thing to do is avoiding doing intense stuff before sleep. Your body needs time to calm down.

If that's impossible, do the traditional things that advance sleep, for instance turn out the lights, watch a calm TV programme, drink a cup of tea, no mentally challenging activities etc.

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Just my advise / opinion:

How about a slow, relaxing stretch session... stretch it out to like 15 minutes. Slow movements, and holding stretches for ~30 seconds etc... to some relaxing slow music.

Followed by a hot shower... and then... might as well have a massage, facial, nails done with your maids... and then read your favourite romantic novel in a dimly lit warm environment while you slowly snooze away....

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I don't know what sports is it, but you could try intensive conditioning post-workout training (quick punches with weights for example). You will be too tired like this, and fall asleep immediately.

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Also, make sure to follow the same wind down routine immediately before getting into bed each night. The pieces of this routine will become cues for your body and mind to get ready for sleepy time.

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it doesn't matter how much you working out, as sleeping hours should be 6-8 hrs normally so this much hours sufficient sleep time. what usually i prefer while i don't feel sleepy. switch off the lights or dim lighting before going to bed. now you really no need to think about anything just observe what is undergoing inside your body while inhaling and exhaling. No need to move your limbs, just try to focus your mind on your body by closing your eyes and just notice the path of inhaled air n exhaled air, the way your stomach moves up while inhaling and goes down during exhaling. after few mins you went to your cozy sleep. try this out, best ever method to sleep and relax your body and reduces stress. secondly you can also read your prayer, like in india we worships are god n goddesses and well known to the mantra's so we do read our mantra in mind. by closing your eyelids. all the best. hope it would help you out.

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