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I have 100Gb of movies, which I don't want to delete, but if I don't I'll watch them again and again. It's hurting my time beyond my imagination. Every night, the movie keeps on running though I am not watching it has become a habit now. I really need to study. I can't afford this luxury once I am out of the university. By the way, I have overstayed my welcoming period in CSE academics.

How do I get over this addiction?

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Put them on an external drive then give the drive to someone to hold on to it till you're done with uni? – CLockeWork Jul 23 '13 at 14:44

You didn't mention if they are on a separate harddrive.


If they're on a separate HD, hide it away out of view or give it to your sister for safe keeping if you don't have any p... inappropriate material on it.

Why will this work? It will be out of your view and thus not be a cause of distraction; you will forget about your collection of p... movies and focus on what's at hand, i.e. your study material.

More advise:

Block movie-related websites, specifically IMDB! I can get lost for hours in that website, and it sounds like you're a movie buff yourself - block it.

Block Youtube. Do you really need it? If not, it'll just be a cause for distraction; block it.

Finishing note:

Whatever you choose to do, the most important thing is discipline. You can do everything to prevent your craving for p, but if you aren't disciplined and let things slide, you're gonna get your fix.

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I have a very similar problem, I have to watch internet videos even if I'm not watching them. I put them on while I'm working and it affects my productivity because they're distracting. It's pretty bad, I won't go to the bathroom or change my clothes without first finding something to put on.


I've been finding that it's just the sound that I need. I guess I feel lonely without it. I've been just throwing on Pandora while I'm at home and the effect is about the same. Try and put on something that doesn't have words and you'll see your ability to focus go way up. You get the background sound but your brain isn't trying to listen to voices.

I suggest making Pandora stations out of Explosions in the Sky, and "Film Scores". Both will rarely give you vocals and are pretty nice to listen to.

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I have collection of 0.6 TB (approx) :)

1) Keep away yourself from PC as much as possible. If you use PC only for internet, book reading, music listening then a smart mobile can be a good option. 2) Either Burn DVDs or put them on external media. As I do, I am lazy to insert every DVD to watch them.

Make book reading your habit. This is far better than watching mov.

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Keeping the movies when you have trouble refraining from the addition is just shooting yourself on the foot.

My suggestion: delete all the movies and replace the habit of watching movies with another more productive habit. Tell the voice in your head saying no to this that you can always download them again and that in any case they won't go with you to the grave.

For techniques and more info on overcoming bad habits I recommend The power of habit. It worked wonders for me.

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