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Though working, going to college and working on startups... I still have trouble staving off procrastination such as television shows, movies and online multiplayer gaming.

How do I reduce this procrastination, so I can better utilise time for the mentioned tasks?

Some things I have tried since starting college:

  • Coffee, energy drinks and sugar-filled confectioneries
  • Sleep experiments: 8-9 hours sleep, 6 hours sleep, sleeping at odd hours (tried wakeup 5AM then tried waking up 5PM, and bunch in-between)
  • Game mechanics (from Khan Academy and Udacity... this seemed to work short term)
  • Keeping to a consistent exercise routine

My most recent routine consists of 8.0 hours sleep with 10AM or 7AM wakeup, no confectionery and replaced coffee with Berocca (a multi-vitamin).

However I am still finding myself with an unproductive level of procrastination... advice?

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If television is your main time-sink, just don't turn the television on. Most days I don't even go near a television (I know...StackExchange is my timesink, but still)

If you want to avoid wasting time in a particular location, just don't go there. Don't start the computer game - that way you can't lose time playing it.

It is easier to avoid an addiction altogether than successfully limit it, in most cases.

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As a fellow "super geek" who understands your plight on an experience level, I think the one thing to do is EMBRACE THE CHAOS GTD, and other productivity methods are all just tools. Tools created by people for certain types. They are not generally applicable. You sound like a fellow who's good at a high number of things in addition to decent geek culture level.

What you need to do is make your activities relevant. By that I mean, get people involved with your startup, join a serious guild in your MMO and leave your desk for a couple hours a day to clear your head.

Anything else will just wear you down. Try coding in public. Nothing is more enthralling. If you need to use a second monitor then take a break and head back to your room/ desk. The moment your passions become relevant and you have people depending on your productivity (e.g startup colleagues) you'll see a natural jump.

Your question was quite philosophical, so bear with the philosophical nature of my response.

ALSO plan your TV shows around meals and repetitive duties such as data entry, word processing and such.

Reclaim the time. :)

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