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I spend a good chunk of time driving or being driven. How do I optimize this time? What do you do on your smart phone to best utilize travel time?

What do you do while you are driving [solo] to best take advantage of the time driving? [audiobook, podcast, etc.]

What do you do while you are being driven?

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/My answer id not exactly about smartphones, but there definitely are smartphone apps which help with suggested activities (music, podcasts, books and audiobooks, meditation, diary) and I use a bunch of them during my commute./

When you are driving, you really don't want to be distracted from the road, so doing anything serious is out of question. You can use this time to relax - listen to good music, easy fiction or not important podcasts. The 2 latter choices are arguable, because they might distract your attention too much.

When you are being driven, you could do almost anything: read and answer to emails, make calls, plan something, etc. However, you are out of your convenient environment and this might not be very productive.

So any activity, which doesn't require intensive thinking, will do. In fact, transport is a great opportunity to do things which are important, but not urgent, and which lead to long-term results. I mean reading (not related to current work needs), meditation (if you like it) and updating your personal diary (thus thinking about your life).

When you are going home, a small meditation and relaxation will make you feel much less tired when you reach home. A good book might give you new perspective. And your morning drive is the best time to sum up your previous day in the diary - you don't need to write late at night any more.

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I listen to podcasts or audiobooks while commuting by car. I use an FM transmitter (like this one) that plugs into the lighter outlet in the car, and my mp3 player, and lets me play through the audio system. On a newer car, I expect there's a USB port for similar effect.

I am almost never driven, on the rare occasions I'm taking a taxi or something, I will work through some of the "To Read" material I have in Evernote.

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