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I'm working on 2 projects, both investors are in a hurry, and I'm a computer sciences student. It's summertime now but in fall, I have no room to breath. Sometimes I feel like not doing anything, maybe because I have too many things and I don't know where to start.

Last semester I failed in my mid term exam because I had to help migrating the servers of someone I work for. Besides when I work on projects for too long, I get bored; I hate to work on small details and fixing bugs.

How can I work on multiple projects effectively?

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First thing you need to do is set limits for yourself, you only have X number of hours in the week to work on project 1, Y on project 2 and Z on school. Add 8*7 hours of sleep and 4*7 hours of wind downtime - trust me you need it - leaves you with 48 hours in the week to spend on X, Y and Z.

Second without fixing the bugs all your work is worthless, use Test Driven Development to help you out so you can iterate more quickly.

Third if it's not important and it's not urgent don't do it, only work on important stuff.

Fourth get enough sleep and downtime, it will make you more productive.

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+1 to Daniël for good answer. Few things to add.

Try to work on good design before implementing the projects. make it more modular with separation of concerns. This would make troubleshooting and fixing the bugs faster and easier. Ofcourse Test Driven Approach is very important.

Also, find time for exercise at least thrice in a week. This in addition to other benefits helps increase concentration and productivity.

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When you get the class syllabus at the beginning of the semester, note the exam dates and schedule fewer work hours for the weeks before and during midterms and finals. If possible note times during breaks when you can work extra hours. Give this information to your stakeholders as early as possible so they can plan around it. Then remind them about it during task schedule planning times and a week or two before you need the reduced hours.

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I would suggest that proper understanding(requirement) between your client(or superior) can help you to tweak the deadlines.And the other thing is to have clear requirement of each project is more important to commit the work as soon as possible.

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