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I have a job where I work mostly with my laptop.

I sometimes work with my laptop from home, and feel this environment is perfect for me to work in because I can wear my comfy jogging trousers, slippers, and drink tea and be surrounded by my books and things. However, a lot of time I need to be at the office but I find it almost impossible to work there, because I need to wear a suit and I miss my home environment.

What can I do to become more focused at work?

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Are you sure there aren't other distractors besides the suit and lack of looking like home? – JeffO Aug 15 '13 at 15:23

Apparently you are very attached to having a customized and personal environment. Lucky you, I know more people who have a problem with the reverse situation (productive at the office, difficult to work from home exactly because of what you mention).

So, try to create a comfortable environment at the office:

  • personalized/customized workstation,
  • headphones,
  • private space / room. If not possible, consider "walling" your cubicle or desk to shield you as much as possible from other distractions,
  • ask your manager about a relaxed dress code on some days,
  • digitalize your books and store them in the cloud or on a drive,
  • ask your manager about building an internal "library" of books, either by budgeting them or by having co-workers contribute their own books for sharing,
  • you're probably allowed to drink tea at the office, and if you don't like it bring your own.
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