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During a day I schedule a lot of things, including work, entertainment, routine things, house stuff etc, plus unexpected tasks that usually can't wait. So, there are not a few times that I find some spare time to catch up with my personal ongoing projects, which usually require concentration, privacy and an additional time to recollect the work I've previously done, which by the way may have happened several days ago. My usual reaction is postponement, find all kinds of personal excuses and finally just reschedule it to the next available time, when and if it happens to find some. And of course this routine keeps going. In other words, I'm seeking for motivation to start taking advantage of any spare time I could possibly find every single day.

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You might try reading Getting things Done. Even if you aren't doing all of, there are a number of things from it you could use as inspiration for your own time management system.

In particular a time management tool (or even paper) that contains:

  • The ability to break up projects into VERY granular tasks so you are more likely to be able to fit them in
  • Context: where does the task need to be located. Can you do it in the car, in the house, waiting for bus, etc.
  • Next steps: Having a small next task lets you use micro-units of time. For example, maybe you can look up a phone number.
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To keep track of available tasks and their progress with quite little overhead work, try Kanban.

Basically, get a board with columns for your backlog (tasks waiting to be done) and for those in progress. Use sticky notes to add tasks and limit the number of tasks that may be in progress concurrently.

The board will visually show you what tasks are available whenever you're ready to work, which is a powerful thing. To facilitate continuing work on a task at a later date, scribble down (on the sticky note) the key information you will need to get going again.

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1)Make up next day schedule before you go to sleep considering all the priorities and stick to the schedule at the end of the day this will help you make better schedules.

2)Develop a vision or strong interest on the project so that you won't feel like postponing.

Always keep in mind

Talent and effort are nothing without the focus and determination.

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I have seen that making hourly todo lists works great for many people who don't even like to waste 5 minutes of their precious time. Making a todo list every hour will make you think more of the pending tasks and make them easily reachable, so if you are free for a few minutes you have your recent todo list handy.

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