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When I am not under pressure I am not working nearly as hard as I can. Here are some examples:

When I have a task for exactly X days I will always complete it on time. For example a commission of a website or something like that will always be on time.

On the other hand if it is "do when you have time"; a simple project which will require ~12-16 work hours will take me a couple of weeks, maybe even a month.

The problem is that my personal projects (which do not have a dead line) are being drawn out. Any suggestions how I can improve my time management when I don't have a specific time boundary?

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Make a deadline everyday for one chunk of the project.

Short term goals lead to long term goals, and lots of steady happiness.

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Without strict deadlines, you're able to devalue the current time's importance for spending it on your project. It is natural procrastination. The remedy for this is to force yourself to be accountable for progress within deadlines; some work every day, a component every week, etc. It is up to you to decide how you want to benchmark your progress; what is important, is that you give yourself a set deadline with consequences if it is not met.

Another option is to fill that free time with other tasks and projects. Remove the excess of free time during your work schedule, and you will view completing your slow tasks with more importance, as you have less time to leverage in procrastinating.

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So the problem is setting a deadline that you believe in... – w00t Aug 21 '13 at 13:15

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