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As per Maria Konnikova, motivation is required to keep something remember for a long time. I completely agree with her (however I'll call it as interest). We remember a complete movie, all talks happened on coffee table in canteen, and many things but we easily forget what mummy asked us to buy from the market, what subject we studied in last semester of graduation (not even the name of the subject) and many things.

If I talk about myself, whenever some problem comes up on my site, I easily fix it because I remember all the paths of file system, where what file is located. I even remember all important pieces of code. However, if the same thing happens in my office, I take 1-2 days to fix it because I need to contact many people to understand the file system, to know where I can find logs, what are the credentials for log in.

Everyday, I create some diagrams, write some documentation, read the code to keep all the thing in the mind. So can confidently face, understand, and explain any thing from the project.

What should I do to motivate myself to improve my understanding in office work?

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I'm not sure I understand this question. If you generally fail at performing your tasks at work due to poor understanding and handling of information, your professional career is likely to fail as well. If you have career ambitions, that alone should be more than enough motivation to find ways to improve. – Gruber Aug 21 '13 at 13:47
Since I am good in logic so I balance it somehow and no one can complaint against me. But I don't wanna be embarrassed just because of this habit. – Amit Gupta Aug 22 '13 at 5:38
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It sounds like a simple matter of familiarity. You are more familiar with the nuances of your own site, such as file paths, because you have spent longer navigating it and using it. You also have a greater degree of control over your own site, which forces you to have a greater degree of familiarity with it; you can't really run it if you don't understand it.

On the other hand, control of office work is more distributed and cooperative, and you are forced to rely on others for significant portions of your office work (or so it would seem). All you can really do to improve your memory of work-related matters is to be more involved in them, and try to commit them to memory as you work with them. It is worth noting that stress can impair declarative memory, so it may be beneficial to familiarize yourself while a deadline is not looming (i.e. don't "cram" at the last minute). Perhaps take a bit more initiative to learn on your own terms, outside of work?

Of course, you should still keep a good home-work balance, but that's a bit outside the scope of the question.

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Yes you are right. If I summarize it: I am more responsive for things I am responsible for. And thats why I seen improvement in last 4-5 months. However I read your ans today. – Amit Gupta Mar 15 '14 at 1:29

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