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I'm 16 and going into high school. I passed my 1st grade with an A average, but my second with B average (4 grades away from A). Anyhow, I wanted to ask someone to tell me how to study with best efficiency.

I've been meaning to read "Moon walking with Einstein" and "How to read a book", but since it was summer vacation, I wasn't so eager.

Anyhow, school has started now, so I ask you (someone who knows what he is saying) how to study with best efficiency.

When I go in the first shift (in the morning), I wake up, go to school, come home, stay a little while on my PC then take a nap (about 2 hours) and then take up books and review what I have done for the day. Then I go and exercise.

When I'm in the second shift (in the afternoon), I wake up, review and study a bit, eat lunch, go to school, go home, play on my computer and go to sleep.

So, my habits are irrelevant, but can someone tell me how to study with the best possible efficiency, so that I have time for a lot of other things?

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Think visually: Textual information, theoretical subjects, and thick books always make me sleep. So I makes diagram, mindmaps usually. So I can remember them for a long time with good efficiency.

Relax mind: if your mind is not relaxed enough, your productivity will be decreased. So sleep for 6-7 hours, or may be 8 hours for you. Try to wake up early in morning, instead of sleeping late night.

Single Thread: Do and finish one task at a time. Don't try to attempt finishing multiple tasks together.

Think less: People like me, are more conscious about their performance, productivity etc. But it signal your mind that you are less efficient to do any work. On the other hand, if you have noticed, many people never think about it and perform well. They never turn and see back.

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Learning styles would be something to note first of all as some people may do better with pictures, some read words best, some hear words best, and some may prefer a kinesthetic approach when it comes to absorbing new material.

In addition, it could be useful to consider what kinds of strengths do you have when it comes to material. Can you deduce based on past exams what the right answer is? Are you better at essay exams where you have the freedom to answer in your own way?

The answer here is rather individual as what works for one person may not work at all for someone else.

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1)daily do exercise it energises you mind and body.

2)daily do meditation so your mind stays clutter free and improves your soft skills such as will power,concentration etc..

3)daily allot some time for socialising and having fun with friends so that you won't feel that you miss something.

4)think about all your curricular and extra curricular activities make a list and prioritise so that you can balance your life and study.

5)develop strong interests on what you are going to study so that you won't get bored when you study usually study in a place where you can be alone and free from distractions.

6)mostly try to wake up early and study while studying you have to immerse yourself in that like Michael Jackson does when he have to give your 100%.

7)follow the above things so that it becomes habit.

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  • Discipline, is the only way.

  • Discipline yourself. You can achieve anything in life.

  • Positive self-talk.

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I guess you're talking about this? – Nadav S. Sep 17 '13 at 21:30

Make sure you aren't multitasking and your study time is distraction free.

  1. Turn off our mobile phone and devices (yes OFF - not vibrate
  2. Close your email program
  3. Turn off skype and any other instant messaging system
  4. Do not have facebook open

This will help you focus better. I suggest Evernote to take and keep notes on your subjects. Tagging makes it really easy to retrieve them. (I am not affiliated with Evernote)

"Captain Time" Garland Coulson

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