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I'm doing my master's degree and even though the workload is manageable, a lot of time and effort is wasted in managing and deciding the work/assignments that need to be done. I've it all on an excel sheet but I was wondering if anyone knows of any application/software which could be used to manage work and prioritize things. I'm looking for a smart tool which prioritizes work for me (or at least suggests) it based on inputs like urgency, ratio of time left etc. Perhaps too much to ask from a software but you never know. Thanks!

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Have you tried workflowy ? It has tagging features that helps me add priority – jaadhimalli Dec 27 '13 at 3:12
After having tried a couple of options, I've chosen to stick excel since it gives me flexibility to customize & make it as simple or complex as per my needs. – mindreader Mar 19 '14 at 16:26
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I think you could clarify some things and get better answers. You, personally, will be assigning the priorities not the application. You will decide how the whole is broken into parts and enter it into the application.

Excel works well for this sort of thing so you want the application to do more. What are those things?

Reminders? Depends on some other factors, consider these other points.

Progress/status tracking and keeping on schedule for a big crunch? MS Project or some open source equivalent might be good.

Keeping first things first while capturing new tasks that come up? GTD on paper or any number of implementations are good for this.

Managing the information that goes into each assignment/project? Evernote comes to mind.

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+1 - good call out of three different areas – Rory Alsop Sep 11 '13 at 23:56
Thanks for the suggestions. I've explained my question further. – mindreader Dec 28 '13 at 21:17

I suggest you to try out Kanban Tool - really simple application that will help you with your master's. The tool is a virtual (online) board with colored cards that represent tasks. You can use colors, priorities, due dates and a lot more to organize and prioritize everything that need to be done. Kanban Tool is free for individuals.

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I have tried a lot to get a quick, feature rich solution to manage my tasks, and searched many and finally stopped at ToDoList.

It's free, and I feel for day to day life it has enough features. It even has syncing features...

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I think Trello will be useful for you asTrello android app is also available. Trello provides a free web base implementation of a Kanban workflow. You have virtual post its for tasks that you need to do, are currently working on and have completed.

It's meant for tasks within a "story" which is probably lower level than what you are looking for. And it doesn't do priorities.

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