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Daily in day to day life, there are events that occur which distracts us. But still how can we combat from such distractions and come out so that it does not affect our work. It seems strange..Any guidance will be appreciated...

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Just to clarify, you're asking how to make sure that work is your highest priority, over family, children, relationships, god, rest, health, and other distractions? – thursdaysgeek Oct 1 '13 at 20:41
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Your focus may be in the wrong area.

From a very human perspective, it could be said that work is a necessary item to help you live life without the distractions of being penniless and homeless.

I put my family first, then my community, then me, then work.

Luckily I get to work in an area I really enjoy, so a lot of the volunteer and community work I do is also in my main industry, but at the end of the day I know I could cope with losing my job (I'd get another one) but I couldn't cope with losing my family.

Work out for yourself where your work - life balance should lie, and then identify what you need to do to get there from where you are now. You may find that splitting it out this way helps you have less distractions at work, as you give your personal life more focus outside work.

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When at work, you should be professional and not let distractions from your private life needlessly have an impact on your job. (However, it should be stressed that after work hours you should not focus on your professional duties. You need to rest and have a private life.)

To help clear your mind from distractions, I recommend you give Mindfulness training a try. It's basically a meditation technique inspired by Buddhism. According to studies, as little as two weeks of training can significantly improve one's reading comprehension, working memory capacity, ability to focus and neglect distractions whenever they occur.

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I'll give this a shot, but I first want to say that career should not be above all distractions. Sometimes something outside of work can have profound effects on our lives. Suppressing the acknowledgement of these events can be detrimental in more ways that just your work.

What I would recommend is having a physical stimulus that you identify with "beginning work". Whether it's as simple as putting on your ID or something more complex such as reciting some dialog or listening to something.

The stimulus should be something that you don't come across often outside of work. Create something new. Have it remind you that you're going to work. This can help you cut your time into segments where you may be able to train your brain to focus on work when the stimulus is present.

Obviously, this won't work if you don't have a set schedule. If you work 2 hours here, 3 hours there, it will be less effective. What you need to establish is a routine that your brain recognizes.

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