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Often I experience extreme tiredness or stomach aches when I need to work on a project that I don't want to work on. Sometimes just walking into the same floor where work is waiting causes those symptoms.

I rationally understand what must be done, but it's like my emotional body disagrees with my reason. I am confident that it is mostly psychosomatic and not actually some sort of disease, because if I switch to a more enjoyable project, often the symptoms go away.

How can I convince part of my mind that is causing those symptoms? Are there any mental tricks?

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You would need to get (professional) help to determine what is "I don't want to work on". Unless you get those reasons clear, accept them, and put something better in place there are no easy tricks. Recognizing "what's so" in your reasoning and associated behavior is easier with someone who's trained in those techniques, and from you it demands being brutally honest.

Trying to get rid of the 'symptoms' is wasted time, you need to attack the source - maybe that was just a typo in your question title.

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You could try self-hypnosis(wikipedia). Ideally, follow some basic training if you can find any in your area and then practice yourself (that's the 'self-' part). I'd recommend a good book on the topic, but it's in French, and not translated to English I'm afraid. Here's the reference just in case: auto-hypnose au quotidien.

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