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I can easily make myself get up in the early morning when it comes to studies, e.g. if I have a deadline of project submission or if I have some classes or lectures. However, I also participate in touristic classes, and this is not an obligatory class. So, basically I always oversleep, and miss this touristic, and then I feel very disappointed.

The question is: what is the main cause of such a difference? Looks like I am not lazy, because I normally get up when it comes to studies. I am equally interested in both sports and studies. So why? Do I lack motivation? Or what could cause it? Cause if I know the cause, I can deal with the problem.

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Maybe you want time to relax? – Jeanne Boyarsky Oct 26 '13 at 13:19
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You get the problem because you've trained your mind so that it gives you a wake up whistle only when it comes to attending classes/tests, which means, according to your body, any other thing is not obligatory during that time period. So your brain figures "I don't have to do this, so let me just sleep for some more time!" and it makes you oversleep or turn off your alarm or pull the blanket over your head and whatnot- which would be your cause and that there leads your problem, viz. your body is prepared to lose it's comfort only for important things, and you can't blame yourself for trying to make yourself comfortable! (It even goes to show that you're quite healthy and can differentiate what you really need and don't! that's something good!). If I may offer a solution, you need to train yourself just to wake up early. Not for classes, not for sports but just to wake up early and begin the new day!. Just ask yourself to wake up like a mother would to her kid, gently. If you do that, not only do you get to attend all classes but it also gives you extra time on those free days when you can be even more productive with your life!. It maybe hard at the start but it reaps rewards as you go on!. Though you can train yourself only to wake up for lectures and tourist classes, I'd recommend you to do the before mentioned. But hey! it's your life! so just do what works for you!.

Hope that helped, good luck!

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When you say "oversleep", do you sleep through your alarm? Hit snooze too much? Switch it off and go back to bed?

Assuming you're using an alarm clock there are a few ways to deal with not getting up in the morning when you should. A good idea is to put the alarm out of reach so you have to get out of bed to turn it off.

If you're not using an alarm clock then try using one and see if it helps.

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Actually Your touristic class is not compulsory that's why you mostly miss it. If it were necessary for degree grades then possibly you never miss it. This means, you are not a lazy girl you just not have any kind of fear from missing your touristic class. Mostly but not always fear is necessary for progress in field of study.
So tell your touristic class teacher that he/she must give you some kind of punishment whenever you miss his/her class. Not necessary physical punishment, punishment just like- some kind of tough task like write 100 page about some topic etc.

So your problem solve I can guarantee you will attended the class even in sleep but never miss it.

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