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I am a developer at a start-up company. We've been developing an android application that uses HTTP protocol.

Currently we are using dropbox + MS word to interact with each other. As dropbox manages conflicted files by creating a new file, only one person per document is assigned to edit the documents.

I am in charge of documents that contain request-responses. Three developers use those documents daily.

Example of one our document is

1. Send person info
   A. Request (POST)
      I. Name: sendUserInfo, content: userNum:1, userName:Jee the Handsome ....
         a. userNae can be excluded.
   B. Reponse
      I. sendUserInfoSuccess or sendUserInfoFailed ...

As you may have guessed we found this very unproductive. If someone wanted to correct "userNae" to "userName", he had to tell me about it. Also, finding content in Word is sometimes hard. Either we use ctrl-F or go to the Index page(fortunately important parts are hypertexted in the index page).

Is there a good tool that is team-work friendly, and also easy to use?

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Have you considered using Google Drive? It allows to share and edit documents collaboratively at the same time. So every change someone makes is immediately visible to all other participants.

I think, there is a lot of other solutions out there, that have similar capabilities like Etherpad. So you don't necessarily have to use Google.

Depending on the size and complexity of your projects this could either be a satisfying solution for you or you might have to usa a more specialized project mangagement software. (Things like Redmine come to mind. But I have barely used such systems.)

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I like the Google doc option. Two other options:

Do the documents have to be MS Word? If they can be plain text documents, you could use a version control system like github and compare the docs as text. Making it easy to merge changes. I think there are tools to compare Word documents, but I haven't tried them.

Another alternative is to have another system (wiki page maybe) to list who has each document "checked out" of your current system. That way you don't have to be the "document secretary" for everyone. Only one person uses a file at a time.

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I second the Git idea. – iain Oct 26 '13 at 13:31

You are an internet startup, plain text and Git both work well and are trivial to setup. You have a wide variety of plain-text mark-up languages, org-mode, markdown, and reStructuredText, just to name a few. And with a wonderful little tool called pandoc, you can convert to a lot of formats.

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