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Basically, I'm looking for an Android app that will let me do just two things:

  1. Have unlimited levels of nested sub-tasks
  2. Filter so I can view only tasks that have no sub-tasks.

Let's say I have the following tasks:

--Conquer the world
  --Build robot army
    --Acquire robot parts

I'm looking for an app that lets me configure a view where I only see "Acquire robot parts".

A big bonus would be to allow multiple tasks to rely on a single sub-task. That way, if I had a second list like:

--Build hilarious robot hat

  --Acquire robot parts

Both lists could reference the same "Acquire robot parts task", so that after completing it my view would now show "Build robot army" and "Build hilarious robot hat" as next tasks.

Pretty much every other feature is optional if I could get an app to do these things.

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Right now I'm using the BETA version of MyLifeOrganized. I don't particularly care for the app on the PC, but the Android version is fairly smooth.

It doesn't support the kind of customized lists I'm used to with Remember the Milk, but it does the things I'm looking for above - unlimited sub-tasks, and it provides an "Active Tasks" view which, as far as I can tell, automatically shows only tasks without sub-tasks.


  • The beta version doesn't have search, but that's on the roadmap.
  • The widget's pretty lame (only shows manually Starred tasks right now)
  • List item


  • Unlimited nesting, as far as I can tell
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Syncs with desktop and other versions of MLO (though I haven't tried this)
  • Allows view of only tasks without sub-tasks ("Active" tasks)
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You could try Shuffle. It's a GTD-based outliner for Android.

Shuffle, a personal organizational tool, styled around the Getting Things Done methodology. Shuffle is a dumping ground for ideas and tasks. It lets you rapidly create and organize your actions, relieving you of the stress of trying to remember everything you need to get done. Since Shuffle is a mobile application, you will have it with you where ever you are. You can always add an idea you've just had, or quickly check what's on the top of your list of actions.

A simple elegant workflow encourages you to categorize your actions into projects and optionally provide a context. This structure lets you to break down formidable projects into individual achievable actions. As a project evolves over time, you can clean out old actions as they're performed, add new actions and reorder any remaining actions depending on your current priorities.

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Hiveminder has the feature you are looking for. However, it lacks something which I believe you will be looking for as well...

I was evaluating MyLife Organized looking for a feature which I havent found in the competitors (such as hiveminder):

Is there a way to filter so that the the ToDo-list shows only all tasks which directly or indirectly must be completed in order to complete task X? In other words: I want to filter so that only those tasks which X

  • is (directly or via other tasks) dependent on or
  • is (directly or via other tasks) parent-task of.

That would be a way to concentrate on a specific goal.

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I have been running tests with Shuffle, Tracks (which I like but no Nesting) My Life Organized (which is ok, but "slow and heavy) and Outliner (Android Market)... which works with Bonsai and Dropbox.

Right now Outliner is my fav on the Android.

I really want to combine all of them

Web Windows Droid Synch Nesting Speed.

Try Outliner. I think you will like it.

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I use iRT GTasks Outliner. It does have unlimited levels of sub tasks, in collapsible branches/trees. However, no filters yet.

Update 16 Feb 2014: iRT GTasks Outliner have filters since about 27 Feb 2012.

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You might mod me down for being off-topic, but after having used the ToDo app on my Palm Tungsten for pretty much what you want for the last 6 years, I came to think that this is not the best idea.

For project planning you most likely want more power and more options than just a hierarchical to do list. You might want to keep a mind map of your project or a more detailed plan in form of a Gantt chart and other project support material (e.g. PDFs from vendors with price quotes). I switched to keeping a "GTD" folder on my desktop that contains sub-folders for each project. Each sub-folder keeps files for just that project: mind maps, Gantt charts, simple .txt files with some actionables - what ever is suitable for each particular project. The ToDo lists themselves are in each of the contexts: e.g. I have a ToDo list on my PC for stuff I need to do on the PC. I have a ToDo list (Astrid) on my phone for stuff I have to do when I'm on the road. There is just no need to keep your project planning on your phone or PDA - especially when you typically use your PC to plan your projects.

The downside is that you lose the links between each ToDo item and the related project but you gain so much flexibility.

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Tiddlywiki offers alot plugins and customizability. Im not sure if it can do exactly what you are looking for, as it is a big project meanwhile. There are different GTD "basic" Tiddlywiki and dozens of plugins. And maybe not suited for too small screens, but for big smartphones and tablets it's fine in my opinion.

But as far as I know, you can share tasks to different projects and search/tagging is built-in.

Take a look here at the GTD Tiddlywikis and test it yourself:

Also consider this:

In my opinion, it needs Firefox mobile right now for editing on Android. Viewing is possible with any browser.

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