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I've started to look at using tickler systems (especially the 43 folder concept).

At my office we have a lot of meetings so I keep a folder for each project. Whenever there is a meeting I grab the folder with me to make sure I have all the documents I need for that meeting. Not everything in that folder would be nessassary though. The idea with a tickler system as I see it is to put the really important stuff inside the various folders. To me this sounds like a awful lot of shuffling of papers.

How do I deal with tickler systems at work in order to make it as effective as possible?

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I use my physical tickler file for things that I want to see again on a certain date, that don't have a better place to live.

Project folders are in general filing - if I were to store them in the tickler based on next meeting, I'd need to know when the next meeting is to work on a project and update the folder contents.

At work, my tickler contents include a computer performance report, to remind me to run another one and compare, meeting agendas that are unattached to projects, draft documents I want to have sit for a couple of days before editing, and the like. My work life (I lead a team of software developers) is so digital, that a physical tickler doesn't get a lot of action.

My home tickler has tickets for events, quotes and inspirational sayings, catalogs I've looked at and intentionally procrastinate ordering from, maps I've printed to events I'm going to, and so on. Most of those have no analog at work for me.

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