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Three years ago I started my own business with the help of my husband.

First year went very well with reasonable sales. I was also busy planning the future course, making new tip ups, marketing the brand etc. Second year made me realise that it was not going to work unless I spent money on marketing. My husband and I decided to increase the budget and now at the end of the third year, we are looking for a buyer.

At the end of the second year I realised that this business is capital intensive and returns are not enough to sustain. My husband is not willing to invest any more of his money. I am planning to shut it if I am not able to find a buyer who would want to buy an E-commerce portal. It is hurting me to come to terms with the fact, that this failed and I am unsuccessful.

I am clueless what is it that I should do next in life. I am not able to find a direction in my career. Should I change my field, study something else?

But I am weary of the idea, what if that will also fail, what if again all my investment is going to be a waste.

I seek some advice on the above.

Thank you!

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Welcome to Personal Productivity! While motivation questions are fine on this site, your question is a bit off-topic because of the career advice element. No one here can (or should) tell you what to do with your business. That is your decision and yours alone. What we can do however, is give you tips on how to handle disappoint, how to stay motivated, or how to discover new activities that you may like. If you'd like that please rewrite your question. – THelper Nov 25 '13 at 15:36
I understand. Thank you for the reply. I will try and rewrite. – jaini Nov 26 '13 at 7:28

Nobody can tell you what to do next but advice on how you might want to decide is well warranted. You've got some high level thinking to do.

These questions answered honestly can help you guide what to do.There are infintely more but this is just a start. What is your vision about where you want to be in five years? What lifestyle would you like to have. Can you afford to continue living as you have or do you need to scale down? What are areas of your life you would like to have fulfilled? Do you have a need to run your own business or are you just fine working for an established company? Do you have any other interest that could be developed into a career? eg culinary, artistic, managerial, technical, athletic, musical, theatrical, medical. The biggest question of all is life purpose. Ultimately your real purpose is the sum of all you have done to now. But with enough focus you have the ability to decide for yourself and re steer the ship if necessary.

I know one can be wary of these things but I also know that fear can paralyze and the consequence of paralysis is that nothing at all will be resolved.

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Thank you! I will introspect on your questions, hopefully they will be able to give me some answers and direction that I seek. – jaini Nov 26 '13 at 7:29

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