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I am sure all of us would be facing/have faced such stages in life when you're buzzing with energy and ideas and you find 24*7 less for them.

I find myself in such a quandary often. And I feel this is not letting me achieve my full potential.

Art is too wide and life is too short

This quote is very true !

There are so many ideas in my head like study history OR follow stocks OR learn a new language OR become technically proficient OR write blogs OR do cooking and so on.

The problem is all of them have their advantages and I cannot figure out what to focus on solely. Usually, I end up diverting my energies to something or the other getting minimal or no benefits. And be disappointed.

So my question is I am young(recently graduated) and how to decide what to focus on?

P.S - Not sure how right it is but does meditation/Yoga help in clearing the mind?

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It seems like you will spend most of your time learning. So if you can increase learning speed, you will be able to learn about more topics and go deeper in fewer topics than you usually would. Yes, this is one additional thing to focus on, but if you do this early, you will cut other's time cost by significant factor.
Also it will make your decision making process, as there are few (actually a lot) bugs in human decision making process.

First thing to do is to learn at least a bit about cognitive sciences (how brain works).
For example,_Fast_and_Slow is good starting book.

Meditation is good, but it is even better if you meditate and know a thing or two about brain. My personal view of meditation is that it has similar effect to learning a bit about cognitive science. If you know/do both benefit is greater.
If you are usually unable to focus, your mind wanders a lot, try zen meditation. If you already have ability to focus try Vipassana meditation.

After that, you can focus on your aforementioned topics. Try each for week or two.
Once you start doing something, you will quite fast know if you want to continue or not.
(meditation helps here tremendously)

You have plenty of weeks left in your life, if you spend 25 weeks learning a bit about stuff, even if you decide that none of topics interest you, you only spent half of year, and you have learned something. It is not wasted time. IMHO way too many people waste so much time on facebook, tv or similar things. You should take your time to rest and have fun, but until we have utopia it can't be 24/7.

PS. If even after all this you still want to go deep into many topics and you are aware that it is not feasible, throw dice/coin. Coin flipping is easy.
Make list of topics, throw coin for each topic in list. Tails means that item is removed. Repeat until you are left with amount of topics that you think you can handle.

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Your perspective on this i.e "learning fast" is quite interesting !! – R11G Nov 27 '13 at 8:39

Going after all of these things is obviously impossible. So you would benefit from clearing your mind from distractions and get some focus. To be able to do that given your current ambivalent state, I believe meditation (as you suggest yourself) could be very useful.

I recommend the variant known as Mindfulness training, which has been shown to have an array of positive effects: According to scientific studies, as little as two weeks of such training can significantly improve one's reading comprehension, working memory capacity, and ability to focus. It will certainly help you to clear your mind from distractions.

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