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Does anybody know a good app/web site being able of tracking accomplishments in detail? I have a lot of stuff that I'm working on right now, but I beginning to feel that I need some tracking. The most important thing I'm looking on is progress tracking.

For example, I'm attending an online course, it will stretch for 12 weeks, so I would like to be able to mark every week, that I have finished one week of the course and watch a progress bar of the accomplishment. The other example is reading a book: I would like to track how many pages I read each day.

The other features I would be glad of are: social sharing and size tracking (being able to see, that last week I read more pages of the book, than this week) - but they are optional.

I tried to search the forum on similar questions, but could not find exactly what I'm looking for. I am not interested in time tracking, I would like to be able to track the performance. I also want something simple, something of everyday use, - I work with task boards at my job, so I have an experience working with them, but they are too complicated for my need.

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I've not found anything that does EXACTLY what you're looking for, but there is a Healthy Habit app for iPhone. By recontextualizing your tasks, like making a "habit" of attending a course or reading x number of pages in a day, you can track your progress. I used it for a few weeks with a modicum of success. My main criticism was purely personal: I don't find status bars to be helpful to me, so I didn't feel it added anything other than a pretty interface to things I already knew. However, since that sounds like what you're looking for, this may be awesome for you.

It's also fairly self-contained and doesn't integrate well with other apps (like populating a calendar with the tasks to complete).

One other intesting note: I'd downloaded a program for my PC. The iPhone app graphics are identical and the interface similar...but I can no longer find the PC app anywhere. FWIW.

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Thanks! It does not look the exact fit to what I was looking for, but at least this is something. I will try it, hope it works for me – Archeg Dec 4 '13 at 20:00

As I understand the question, you primarily want to visualize something (for example the things that are needed to be done and the things that are already done). A very easy to use and at the same time extremely customizable tool would simply be Microsoft Office Excel (or the free Open Office Calc). There you can visualize via piecarts, graphs and so on. Again, the main advantages are that it is easy to use, customizable and available everywhere, so it is portable.

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Thanks, this is nice idea, at least this is custom enough and I can do everything with it. I will try the app dwwilson66 recommended, and if it does not work for me, I will probably end up with google spreadsheet (I like the data to be online). Or maybe I could write mobile app for myself... – Archeg Dec 4 '13 at 19:59

I'm a big fan of

Set the interval of a task (daily or on select days of the week) and challenge yourself to make your 'chain' of consecutive accomplishments as long as possible!

It has sharing, groups and even achievements. And it's free.

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There's also beeminder if you are willing to put some money on your commitment. (No cost if you are within threshold)

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