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There is a lot of literature about "what and how to do", but I can't find anything about "What and how to think".

What should I think about when I have space from actions, when walking, bathing, relaxing, etc. I want my thinking to be productive, it is quite chaotic now. Should I think about my goals, or next action, or making plan or something like this?

I'd like to read about this to form my "thinking system". Is there any books about this, or maybe general concepts?

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It is easy to be on auto-pilot doing these common tasks. You have to make a conscious effort to think. Gruber's answer is an excellent way to do it. – Gaʀʀʏ Dec 5 '13 at 22:24
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I have no doubt you'd benefit greatly from investing your spare time in Mindfulness training. It's a simple form of meditation everyone can do, where you try to put all thoughts aside and clear your mind. So your question on what to think about is probably best answered with "Nothing at all."

With 7-20 minutes of training per day, you'd experience great effects such as better reading comprehension, improving working memory capacity and ability to focus. You'd be able to throw this in whenever you have space available; while bathing, commuting, etc. The effects have been scientifically verified. By investing in this, you'd lay the foundation for achieving a higher level of productivity the rest of your time.

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