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Money wasn't so important to me ever (no I am NOT rich), they cut my salary on my late arrival and I don't care.
My team lead doesn't grumble on my late arrival.
The deadlines here are flexible as compared to other companies.

The problem is that I waste time in talking to myself at home rather than going to office on time.

I should start at 7:30, but instead I start at 11:30 from home. There isn't anyone at my home who could push me.

I feel guilty of having a horribly disorganized life.

How to force myself to reach office on time?

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Are you putting in less hours because of your lateness, or are you staying later to make them up? – Kramii Dec 12 '13 at 9:22
I am putting in less hours because of my lateness and no I am not staying late to make them up. They do cut my salary for that. @Kramii – TheIndependentAquarius Dec 12 '13 at 9:23
I am trying and failing to understand why you haven't been fired. – HLGEM Dec 13 '13 at 22:32
@HLGEM The task completion on time is the only thing that matters to them. – TheIndependentAquarius Dec 14 '13 at 1:58
If my boss never grumbled at lateness then I'd come late as well. – StackedCrooked Dec 17 '13 at 18:28

If you really want to change, you may need to work on:

  1. Knowing why it is important to be on time (intellectual)
  2. Understanding how to be on time (practical)
  3. Feeling it is important to be on time (emotional)
  4. Making it easy for yourself to be on time (environmental)

One of the reasons you have not changed already is that the sanctions imposed by your employer (cut in income) don't have a motivating effect on you, and that's because money really isn't that important to you.

So, what is important to you, and how could that be used to get yourself motivated?

There are several areas you mention in your question: your passion for music videos, the opinion of your team lead and the job itself. So, here are a few suggestions that focus on these areas:

  • Is there a way you could listen to music / watch videos on the way to work rather than at home?
  • Is there a way to prevent yourself from watching at home? For example, put the TV in a cupboard or get your internet connection turned off?
  • Would you be interested in going to live concerts? Do you need to earn more to achieve that?
  • Is there anyone at work who shares your passion?
  • With your manager's agreement, could you watch music videos for a while once you reach your workplace? Someone could remind you to stop once you've reached a certain time limit.
  • Could you get a job working for a company that produces music videos?
  • How does your team leader actually feel about your lateness? What about your other colleagues? Just because they don't complain, that doesn't mean they are happy. Have you asked?
  • What is it about you that makes you so valuable to your employer that they're prepared to put up with your lateness? Can you share that with others?
  • Are there things you can do to build up more of a rapport with your workmates?
  • What parts of the job do you find interesting? Could you agree with your manager to do more of the interesting stuff and less of the stuff you're less bothered about?
  • Who benefits from the work you do? How does that motivate you?
  • Could you work later to make up the time?
  • What work-based goals do you have? How are you trying to better yourself professionally?
  • Can you work from home?
  • Can you watch music videos and work at the same time?

Furthermore, some of the suggestions in these articles on lateness might be helpful to you:

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1) The chances are this is also linked to your personnality, and those are the most difficult to change. A good start would be this tool to get support and encouragement on creating a new habbit of being on time. You will therefore make it fun to be on time with notes from people around the world!

2)Now, it is all about willpower. If you want to, you can. The satisfaction you get when you take control of what you decide to achieve is just the best. It is a mindset shift, don't expect an answer from outside, it is only if you decide to make it happen and do it. Think about what it means for you: do people think you are reliable? do people trust you? do people think you are courageous? do people think you are strong / weak? do people think you are hard worker who merit a promotion? just taking exemples here, but you need to find what will make you see this behavior as inacceptable, this will be the trigger of you not accepting this for yourself and want to make a change. You have the resources to make it happen and the esteem people have for you when you say you will make a change and really do it / maintain it is just super high. Also you would be surprised by how much if you share this goal for you and ask your close ones to help you and encourage you, you will get a lot of support, recognition and respect from people.

The above is based from my personal recent experience to find work life balance. A struggle for 5 years, I was blaming it on the work load. I got a coach and I hated our first session because she made me feel soooo bad about me not making the choice, that the only problem was me. While I thought a coach was someone to give you the tool / solution to try, the coaching method is actually about making you pass this point of inacceptance of your own behavior / habbit. This trigger point is not a nice experience because you are faced with your own responsibility (I actually cried at that session) but this was the trigger and it worked. Because then I had decided I would make a change, and that I am responsible for it, and that excuses are for the weak. It is all about willpower and courage, and I did it. It now reflected super positively cause I am taking back control over my own life on all aspects, I chose high aspirations and chose to achieve my goals...

I sincerely wish you just the same :) Hope this will help

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When you start talking to yourself, you should immediately get to work, so you can find someone there to talk to instead.

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