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Looking for a simple tool to manage a horde of frequently asked questions and answers.

I'm working on a project where I get many similar questions, and i want to cut and paste the answers. For a while a simple text file was working, but now the volume is such that I need a better way to sift through all this stuff. The time searching and managing the Q&A list is really affecting my personal productivity.

Any suggestions? Any help much appreciated.

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Host them on a website and just respond with the link to FAQs? – Raystafarian Dec 13 '13 at 16:05
+1 for the irony, -1 for not being aware of the irony – Manuel Hernandez Dec 13 '13 at 22:26
If you have some additional criteria for the tool (OS? Online? actual amount of data?) your question may be better answered on – Jan Doggen Apr 23 '14 at 14:38

You can use a clone of Stack Overflow. Amongst the most popular ones are AnswerHub and OSQA.

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Someone suggested you: AnswerHub or StackExchange: using this is like shooting a fly with a cannon

I suggest you using an excel/openoffice/google-document document to perform this.

With these tools you can search and filter your data. You can also implement a tag system to subdivide the answers in fidderent categories. This will help you in performing targeted searches.

I have create a sample google-document to store Question/Answers for you:

As you can see, with such a simple document you have several features:

  • Titles of columns have a little arrow, if you click it you can filter your values: then you search question with a certain tag, or that contain a certain word.
  • You can sort data alphabetically (usueful if you sort tags)
  • You have a nice alignement of question and answers.

hope that helped!

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The fly usually keeps growing bigger and bigger and never smaller. So you do need a cannon. You do not want to switch when the time is ripe for a bigger solution. Many work hours will be wasted simply due to a switch. Been there done that. – Pacerier Jan 6 '15 at 2:53

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