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As the title says I am looking for some motivational pictures for my phone for use as a background and/or as lock-screen. I currently on a custom rom android phone. I would like a application or tool to ease the process of making pictures with some phrases that remind me to focus.

The process should be something like this:

  • Provide a text phrase

  • mix this with a appropriate colors or picture.

The less photoshoping the better.

An alternative would be a source of nice pre-mades

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Not exactly an answer to your question, but for people interested in something like this with text only instead of pictures, see this question – THelper Dec 20 '13 at 10:24
Not speaking for everyone, but I have difficulty imagining how in the world of DEmotivators can someone be inspired by a genuine motivational poster. In every true motivational poster I see I personally immediately try to identify sarcasm or scorn of some sort. – Mischa Arefiev Dec 25 '13 at 10:37

That's a subject on which I did a lot of different trails. The solution below works best for me, it's a combination of a good wallpaper app and using a text widget on top.

If you want it a little fancier, I tried PicLab which has more text options but the image proportion and quality is not always good.

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