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Computer Science: I find queuing up very useful. When a program needs to process an overwhelming amount of data, the incoming data is usually queued up. And then one by one each of the input is processed.

Life : Similarly in life, when we are doing one task and a lot of other tasks come up with no define priorities, it makes sense to complete the present task rather than to round robin all other tasks. This reduced our tension and gets more work done.

Permanent storage and Temporary storage

Computer Science : Computers store current data in RAM and other data in Hard Disk. Since RAM capacity is limited due to Cost, one can keep only limited set of Data in RAM. An optimized combination of data in RAM and Hard Disk maximized the processing capacity.

Life : In life, some data like my mobile number, my date of birth etc is used more often than my grades in class 6 and the titles of list of books I have read. So I also tend to keep the most used data in RAM, or the ones that are potentially needed in future. Like "Bills to pay tomorrow".

I feel many of the patterns we use to lead our life is very much similar to the way Computer Science deals with programming problems.

What are the concepts you find useful and how is it related and implemented in real life?

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I guess "useful" is subjective try "queueing" your significant other when he/she comes with a request that in their eyes has priority, and you'll see that her scheduling instead of queueing will probably be a lot more valuable for your sanity :) – haylem Jan 14 '14 at 10:01
It's an interesting topic. But sadly, it's an opinion based question and not suitable for the site. You could still open it up for discussion in our chat or ask somewhere like Quora. – Muz Jan 14 '14 at 11:43
1) Shift: 11110 in bank account to 00001 – Juha Untinen Jan 15 '14 at 9:23
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Multithreading / Parallel Processing

Setting up tasks to accomplish the most in the least time can be very valuable in personal productivity. Need to do laundry and file some paperwork today? Put the laundry in the wash and do your paperwork while it's running. Need to cook dinner and respond to email? Type away while the food's in the oven (but don't forget to set a timer ;) ).

In short, kick of time-consuming tasks that can be left unattended before doing other things.

Rubber Duck Debugging

This may be more personal than universal, but talking my way through problems and planning is extremely helpful for me. More specifically, talking through a situation as though I were explaining it to someone unfamiliar with the situation can often flip the switch and make me realize what it is I overlooked or forgot.

This can help me a lot when it comes to my to-do list, my schedule for the day, and my organization.


This might not sound like a programming concept at first glance, but I would submit to you that it should. A programmer will never excel if he doesn't read, and I don't just mean reading code. Programmers need to always be reading books and articles about tools, techniques, concepts, and practices.

The same is true for the rest of life. For productivity, education, hobbies, culture, morality/philosophy, and frankly, just for enjoyment, a life well lived is a life full of books.

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Computer Science: Soft Coding

Life: Open your mind and allow yourself to contemplate using the same kind of solution to problems that seem entirely different.

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