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I notice that it is often disruptive for me, to leave the "typewriter" section of my computer keyboard to jump to the arrow keys, e. g. for

  • navigation up/down in a list or dropdown menu (e. g. when opening a new tab in Firefox, typing a part of the URL and then wanting to go down to the correct completion from my bookmarks)
  • scrolling up/down on a webpage


From text editors like Emacs or vi I learned the concept, that it is very efficient if shortcuts for navigation are also integrated in the "normal" A-Z key block.

Is there a similar concept for MS Windows already available? The keys used in Emacs for example for navigating up/down in a text Ctrl-p and Ctrl-n unfortunately do collide with common Windows shortcuts for printing and creating a new document/browser window, etc.

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Thanks to Syd Kerckhove's answer (which also contains very useful extensions), I found Firemacs ( , a Firefox Plugin which directly creates Emacs-like shortcuts in Firefox.

Firemacs configuration

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Vimium, Vimperator or Pentadactyl

They even use vim shortcuts.

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