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What are some good strategies for coping with tasks that have high "wait times" when using the Pomodoro techinque?

Right now I'm about 15 minutes into a pomodoro, but I'm waiting for a program to finish running. I know that the program will take at least another 25 minutes to run. Until it's done, I can't do anything else for this task, although I could make progress on other tasks.

Should I switch to the other task, knowing that I will have to switch back in a few minutes? Should I "slack off" while the task completes?

Should I sit there and stare at the screen waiting for the task to complete?

Is there a better idea?

Obligatory xkcd:

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I always go for a task I know is brief, whether it is during emails, paperwork, feeding the cat or even just getting a coffee.

While it may not be sensible to begin another pomodoro there are always things you can do without losing the flow of your original task.

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