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I see evidence for and against it when I do a google search. I was wondering has anyone in this community ever tried using them daily in their meditations or standalone and find any benefit from them?

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Depends what you mean by "positive affirmations." In Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, the concept of writing down your motivations/goals and scheduling time to read them multiple times per day is a key part of changing habits. In that sense, yes, a list of positive thoughts can help keep you focused and motivated towards your goals. But just repeating "I am great" in a mirror is not going to do the trick -- you should be specific and goal-focused.

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I don't believe they work on a day-to-day basis, as a poster on the wall it's merely decoration. They can however be helpful to read from time to time (in the form of a review or tickler file) when you want to think about re-prioritization on a higher level.

I use this approach, personal affirmations are exactly that; personal. I don't copy-paste others affirmations, I have to embrace them myself first. Really have to feel that an affirmation is something I believe in. Then I write it on a list, which is referred to on the end of my weekly review (higher altitudes concept by GTD). If I still have the brainpower or thirst for change after a full review, I look at my affirmations list, and after that I just might reshuffle my projects deck to a new priority.

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Yes! There are a 2 concepts that show how affirmations can help you be more productive.

1. Theory of Mind

Theory of Mind states that you can internalize another persons's beliefs as your own. If a parent perhaps believes you are either a failure , you may internalize that belief as your own. It can be a form of self fulfilling prophesy.

The practical application is that affirmations can give you the capability of rebooting a suboptimal belief system with a belief system one of your own choosing.

2. Inattentional Blindness

Inattentional blindness is the failure to notice something you did not expect that is in your field of vision when other attention-demanding tasks are being performed

The practical application of this is that affirmation can help you focus your mental resources to things related to your end goal. e.g. An affirmation that you are the worlds greatest golfer might help you budget more time at the golf range instead of other activities or tune in to who is the best coach in town.

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I find that if you make a list of things that go right, or if you make a way to earn points for doing good behaviors, you will have a noticable change in your mood. If you focus on what you do wrong, you will be very discouraged. So on days that you need a little boost, write notes to yourself on the things you are doing right

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