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I have a growing number of contacts in my company and I need to organize those contacts into a web of connections - who is working with who, who knows someone and that sort of things. Is there any web application that will enable me to do that efficiently, while still enabling me to search my contacts and so forth?

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I think more details will provide a better response. What platform do you keep your contacts in? Are you looking to make connections between different platforms, social media, etc? Those types of details may matter. – Raystafarian Feb 4 '14 at 16:33

In the past I used Insightly for this (no affiliation). It allows you to create contacts, organisations, opportunities, projects etc. Contacts can also be imported from your email (Gmail and Outlook integration). Each entity can then be linked to another entity and the link can contain details about how they are related. Additionally you can tag entities.

You can try Insighly for free, but a while back they removed Google sync from the free version, so I stopped using it.

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MindModel ( seems to be quite flexible about that. If you insist on a visual representation of relations, I'd recommend TheBrain (

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