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I have studied all the subjects ( Hist,Geo,Maths,Physics,Chemistry,Biology,English,Computer) in a scattered way. Like out of 8 or 5 or 6 chapters I am very well prepared with 2 or 3 . I learned that I have 2 weeks left for my class VIII final exams. I got 3rd rank in class VIII for my First terminal Exams. How should I be studying. And I am feeling very scared and depresssed about the short time I have. Please help me out

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How are you keeping track of which areas you feel confident in, which areas you need to review and which areas you haven't started? – Raystafarian Feb 7 '14 at 15:11
I am an Indian . Thank you for your help . I am solving practice questions after reading every chapter. I hope that you wish me good luck . Thank you again – user7374 Feb 10 '14 at 9:11

First of all stop procrastinating and study more. Instead of making plans and learning how to study more efficiently, do the actual study.

Even your post here is a means of procrastination.

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Start by making a comprehensive list of the material that will be on the test. Take the time to do this now, as it will help you craft a plan and be calm instead of feeling overwhelmed.

You reference "chapters" so that might be the best way to make a list -- list all the chapters on the tests.

You should also collect or find out how each test will be graded. This will help you determine how to best prioritize your time.

Using a calendar, work backwards to determine how many hours of study time you have available. You need to be HONEST in this assessment. You can't stay up all night every night, or skip dinner every night, etc.

Now your study plans for the next two weeks are something of a math equation. Based on the days of your exams, and how your exams will be graded, work backwards to determine what to study each day. For example, if you only have 5 hours available to study history, and 50% of the exam is an essay on World War I, then you should spend at least 2.5 of those hours on the World War I chapter(s).

As you study, make a cheat sheet of key concepts and/or mnemonic devices. You can then "cram" with this sheet as the exams get closer.

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