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iam studying in 12th standard my exams just one month away and i have not yet studied once. and what should i do now ? how to study? should i concentrate on important things? or should i learn everything?

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Even if you are very stressed at the moment, you should take the time to add more details to your question about what you have to do until when maybe to help people give you a concrete and helpful answer. – MostlyHarmless Feb 13 '14 at 9:36

how to study? should i concentrate on important things? or should i learn everything?

Well it would be nice if you could add some more details about your situation (which subjects, how much time left, etc.). Without those details, your questions above are very difficult to answer, so I'll try to answer with a lot of assumptions:

Should you learn everything?

Sure, if you have the time for it.

From the way you ask your question, I assume that you won't have the time for it, so...

should i concentrate on important things?

Yes, I assume you'll have to concentrate on the important things, as you maybe won't have time to learn everything. ** Pareto's 80/20 principle ** might be the right solution for you in this case.


I think, you'll have to prioritize: That depends upon the following criteria

  • your goals - is it enough to pass the exam or is a certain grade important for you?
  • are all exams equally important, or do some of them count more than others?
  • if even failure is an option, are there exams where you might fail without having to redo them ...

Efficient preparation of exams (for maximum results - not necessarily for best understanding)

For an efficient preparation of the exams (assuming that the most important thing for you is to pass the exams with best possible results and not to really understand the subjects as best you can), you might do the following things:

  • are there old exams from the last years, made by the same teachers/professors, which you can use for preparation and where you can see which kinds of questions will most probably be asked or which subjects will most likely be part of the exam?

  • if additional research is necessary (getting specific books to ask specific questions etc.), can you make a learning group with others to distribute the work to more people and share the results later?

  • are there "consultation hours" of the teachers or their assistants where you could ask questions or get something explained that you did not understand?

  • did the teachers in their courses announce topics which would be especially important for the exam?

  • in which time intervals will the exams take place?

  • are you allowed to use auxiliary ressources during the exam (books, your notes, programmable calculators, ...)?
    if yes, you should prepare them the best you can, e. g. write your own formulary, mark the important pages in a book with bookmarks, etc.

  • it also depends on your best "learning style": for me personally, it was always important to summarize the most important things written down on one or a few sheets of paper, that helped me a lot memorizing (like a crib sheet, but I would not use it in the exam)

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