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I came across this idea- to only have Two-Tabs open at once when using an Internet browser.

I'm always swimming in dozens of tabs. How would I get a Two-Tab discipline?

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Not sure if that technique works, but I might give it a whirl too.

well that last word helps: discipline... just hold yourself to your goal of not having more then one open.

if that is too hard, there are extensions.



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I don't know if there are any objective measurements on the issue, but this seems to be an awful blunt instrument to use in the name of productivity.

I use my tabs as a makeshift queue, which seems to increase my productivity, as I can keep things on the back burner that are lower priority.

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Two Tab might not literally mean keeping only Two Tabs open. Just the way Inbox Zero doesn't mean having absolutely nothing in your inbox.

It might mean simply keeping your focus on just two tabs. You'll probably have a primary focus tab, a secondary focus tab, and the others are references. In other words, don't have a tab open to monitor new emails. Don't have tabs open to chat. Don't respond to two people at once. Don't research two different things. Don't have your Facebook and Email open at the same time - just check one at a time.

That way, you prioritize, instead of focusing on a dozen different things at once and not accomplishing anything.

Multiple tabs are very useful tools for research and references. I often have a dozen wikipedia links open at the same time. Sometimes I'm searching for something and open multiple tabs simultaneously to wait for them to load. You become rather inefficient if you have to search something all over again or wait for tabs to load one at a time. But the idea is that you shouldn't be multitasking more than two tasks at a time.

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I use tabs as a "Todo" list of sorts :) I first open a series of main websites (news, various Stack Exchange sites, etc). Then I middleclick any interesting bits from one site and close the main tab, then I do the same for the next site. All this until I only have the interesting tabs open, and then I go through them one by one until none remain.

Then later I will start again from the main websites and do the same.

I call this the Productive Procrastinator!

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