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I relearned how to type this past summer, I switched from a 5 finger style to a 9 finger touch typing style. I'm still on a qwerty keyboard, and do not want to switch to dvorak or any other layout.

I feel like I've plataued around 100wpm and want to get to ~150wpm. Is it all practice from here or are there other tricks for improving wpm?

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A simple but powerful tool is AutoHotKey. This tool has many uses, and one thing I use it for is to create shorthand for many words I commonly use. E.g., Whenever I type the letter 'e', it automatically becomes the most common word in English, namely 'the'. 'hv' becomes 'have'; 'wt' becomes 'what'. – Kenny LJ Aug 20 '14 at 9:22
I also use the following website: I do that and then typeracer. Typeracer is amazing for full sentences but it won't help for certain things like numbers/punctuation/[]{}; if you program. – NeuroFuzzy Sep 4 '14 at 8:05
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This website called TypeRacer is one I've used to significantly increase my typing speed. It basically tracks your typing speed in a game format but requires you to type perfectly to advance.

Rather, not my speed, but my accuracy. Once you get around 80-100wpm you start needing to be precise and perfect, the first time, to avoid all mistakes.

It's hard to practice this since we generally start using the backspace or other mechanisms by reflex, but having a place to enforce proper and first-time perfect typing will really make a difference.

A small amount of time on there will make you realize the importance of having a rhythm for your typing. This is contrasted to "bursts" where you are more prone to making mistakes. Focusing on each keystroke taking the same amount of time is a great way to do this. Like I said though, it's much easier with a site like TypeRacer (there are of course others, but this is the one I've used to increase my speed and accuracy).

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Thanks, I tried out typing for accuracy and I can feel a difference, this is exactly what I needed ;) – Newbrict Mar 12 '14 at 19:19

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