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It been my dream to develop apps in mobile and generally in software development stream since the day i have started to learn and love programming. I have now above 4+ year Software Developemt skill but not much mobile. But I m holding couple or more ideas on using mobile and backend as web app. what do you suggest me ? your appreciated ...

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For most people, generating ideas is the easy part. The challenge in bringing an idea into reality is:

  1. designing and prototyping your idea
  2. validating the idea in the marketplace to ensure there is a customer base
  3. developing a functioning minimum viable product (MVP), delivered with just the right messaging and marketing

That's why so many ideas and inventions never see the light of day, those three challenges.

I consider those three steps part of the ideation / invention process.

So I believe your first step is to wireframe / prototype the app so you have something to show people in the validation phase. For the validation phase, Seth Godin suggests finding ten people who need what your idea promises.

If all ten love your idea and promise to buy, you pass the (albeit minimal) validation phase. Start executing on the MVP.

If they don't love it, move on to something else.

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