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I'm trying to find any articles/experiences on this. I tried using Pomodoro to motivate myself to have a task list and read in 25 minute blocks without getting distracted. (This was a weeklong project.) It worked well. Both for forcing me to take breaks and forcing me to focus. And while it was useful for my purposes, I feel like I missed something essential.

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It's ok to follow only a few rules of Pomodoro so long as you are doing everything you're supposed to do. The technique is a tool not an end, which means it doesn't matter if you didn't use the tool to it's full potential as long as it's already meeting your needs. Just keep in mind you can always refer to the book when your productivity stagnates and you want try new things to improve it.

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So, if I understand this right, each time that you do a task you just do the task for 25 minutes and then stop until you want to do another task at a later time? To become more productive Pomodoro suggests to only keep pauses of 5 minutes and a longer pause each few pomodoros...

Please note that there is a PDF of The Pomodoro Technique which goes into fine details on how The Pomodoro Technique works and how to implement it in your life...

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No. I did a lot of Pomodoros in a row (separated by 5 minutes, or 15 after four). What I didn't do was estimation and some of the more tangential things. – Jeanne Boyarsky Aug 16 '11 at 0:13

I think one way to solve it might be to add "planning" ,"reconciliation", "research" tasks in task's list. I'm having "planning" task as my first task every day,and spend as much pomodori as I want to make clear list of "tasks/next actions" and to see where project is going.

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