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My level of English is reasonably high (c2) however due to it not being my mother language I still suffer some handicapping when reading texts in it(for example some specifications or more technical oriented literature). I am looking for a way to start dealing with this.

Note 1: This may apply to any foreign language. English is just my case.

Note 2: This is not a question about general reading comprehension like this one: How can I improve reading speed and comprehension?

Note 3: I am probablly going to wait out for a day or two before picking an answer, so by all means take your time.

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Sadly, the best you can do like learning most skills is practice.

What you could try doing is picking up a few really technical/specific books. Something you know you'll struggle with. Try to muscle through it, but note places that don't seem clear, are confusing, or take a bit to figure out. Take a minute to get in touch with a friend or colleague that is good as breaking things down and explaining them and just ask them to explain one or two of the things that you struggled with.

Try using that newly learned information at least three times, that helps you retain that knowledge. Otherwise just keep practicing. It'll come in time.

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