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Looking for storage containers that can store 8.5 x 11 papers efficiently, that is without a lot of wasted space. Basically, I want to dump stacks of papers into boxes, temporarily hiding the mess and storing them more efficiently.

I've looked at banker's boxes but there is a lot of unused space with a regular piece of paper placed directly into it (not hanging in file folders).

Perhaps milk crates, which seem to have the correct dimensions for two stacks of papers. Three drawbacks: 1) Expense. They are not as cheap as cardboard boxes. 2) They have large holes through which things can fall out of. 3) They wouldn't hide the view of what's inside as well as a closed box.

A banker's box, ledger paper sized might be ideal, but I haven't seen any available.

Any ideas?

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If you're in the US you could take a look at ULine, they have all kinds of boxes. I recently bought some to pack my hardback books before our move to another state. – Benny Hill Mar 24 '14 at 2:32
What types of papers are these? Would it make sense to scan them electronically? – Raystafarian Mar 24 '14 at 9:50

Paper boxes might be a good solution. I mean the boxes printer/copier paper is sold in by the case, multiple reams per box. Most offices seem to treat them as recyclable trash, as do print/copy shops. I've seen them in sizes that would allow for 1 or 2 stacks. If you use the 2 stack size, they have to be pretty neat stacks to fit side by side, there isn't much space to spare in the box. A file folder or the like as divider might help.

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I'll try this out. Nervous that the tight squeeze will mean that in practice two stacks won't be possible. – ssvarc Mar 25 '14 at 5:29
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I've discovered the Really Useful Box that comes in different sizes and tints. My local Staples carries them as well. The 4 liter and 9 liter boxes can hold a A4 sized paper, the difference is how tall the box is.

I've purchased about 8 ~ 10 boxes and have been very pleased so far.

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