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I've read The Secret Weapon's system for organizing your life using Evernote.

It seems that Evernote is well suited as a digital filing cabinet and note taker.

However I'm not so sure it fits as a good task/todo list manager: Since I'm an engineering student all my to-dos come from h.w assignments or reading assignments (email clutter isn't a problem for me). These types of assignments don't require more than the title of a note (for example: 'finish calculus assignment'). Furthermore, when I'm finished with a note it's supposed to go into the 'Completed' notebook. This seems a bit of an overkill for notes that act as a h.w assignment reminders.

Why then does it make sense for me to use Evernote instead of Trello which offers me a visual to-do list? Should I still give Evernote a chance as a todo/ gtd system?

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TL;DR: Don't use Evernote as a to-do tool.

I find Evernote to be a great place for reference material, but not for actual to-do lists that frequently change. For that, I use a mix of two other tools instead: is the most fantastic outliner I've ever seen. It's minimalistic in appearance but packs the perfect amount of functionality in a very elegant interface. I use this to structure my tasks and thoughts. is an extremely minimalistic to-do list, and it's simplicity is that makes it so good. I can create a task for "today", "tomorrow", "upcoming", or "someday" -- and tasks can either be completed or not. There's not much structure, which makes it a poor GTD tool, but it's magnificent for acting on the top of today's action list.
That vendor's calendar app is crap, though.

The most practical GTD-capable tool I've tried is Pocket Informant because it excellently joins my calendars and GTD lists in one app. Only real downside is a lack of desktop application, and the smartphone version is (relatively!) pricey.

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Trello used for organization jobs by multiple users. I think is not suitable for to-do list.
You can compare softwares in this link: Comparison of notetaking software

I suggest to you use google keep
Browser: enter image description here

Mobile app: enter image description here
I suggest you to use google keep because:
1. Simple
2. MultiPlatform (Android, Chrome extension, browser based)
3. Integrate with other google services

In google keep you can create:
1. Simple note
2. Check list
3. Image
4. Voice

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Actually Trello may be used as a personal GTD / todo tool and it works very smoothly. See… as an example. There are more examples in the web. – Dariusz Woźniak Apr 11 '14 at 8:34
@DariuszWozniak It's just my opinion that Trello is complex for personal todo. – Amirhossein Rajabi Apr 13 '14 at 4:24

Work with whatever tool suits you best. I use TSW with Evernote, but I don't follow it precisely. As your workflow matures and changes, your GTD tools will also mature and/or change. If Trello works best for you now, then use it. It doesn't have to be the end-all be-all for you for the rest of your schooling, career or life!

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Of course. It just feels I'm missing something. Do people who use Evernote for managing their todos use it as I described? – Shookie Mar 24 '14 at 9:53
I don't. When I complete a task with no attachments, I trash it. If it has a reference I need later, I archive it. If it has something I no longer need - trashed. – Raystafarian Mar 24 '14 at 9:56

Try them all, it's the only way to figure out what fits your needs.

Personally I tried a lot of different note, task, calendar, scheduler programs. After months of fooling around I found a simple text document worked best for me (notepad++ and markdown) Full disclosure; I am bias to plain text.

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I'm also biased this way - mainly because of experiences with other formats where I couldn't get my notes out easily. Knowing a bit of Ruby these days I'd check for a good gem first. For example Trello and iCloud notes both have gems which would allow quick import and export if necessary.. – Danyal Aytekin Mar 26 '14 at 15:08
I agree formats can be a pain too, but it's one of those pains that comes up later (when you want to switch) and not now. Another reason to try them all. I also have this crazy idea someday I'll make my own interface for my plain text markdown notes and todo lists. – Deplicator Mar 27 '14 at 22:36

Evernote, is more than just a TODO list. For instance you can have two stacks in Evernote


You can add a note to "TODO" set a reminder to get reminded (Recurring reminders are not there so you will have to manually set if you forget it once). Once you have completed the task, you can move it a done stack and proceed with the next item on your current todo list. The whole process might be manual but it gets the work done. And on top of it, you can practically use Evernote to file anything you want. I have not used Trello so I am not gonna comment on it.

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since Trello is mainly a scrum-tool, what you've described can be done in Trello as well. – Dwelle Mar 28 '14 at 8:21
@Dwelle As said, I have not used Trello nor am I planning to. I am sure Trello could do this but then I am fast becoming a fanboy for Evernote so the answer totally biased :). – vikramjb Mar 29 '14 at 2:10

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