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Whenever I participate online by commenting(on blogs or forums), I find myself overwhelmed by stress. I experience an adrenaline-fueled fight-or-flight response, just thinking of all the negativity my comment might attract. When another person comments, disagreeing with me, I find myself literally shaking.

I experience this also in real life conversation but to a far lesser degree. I think I'm much more confident among people that already know me.

What's behind this? Is it fear of ridicule or criticism or confrontation? What inner button is being pushed? What's triggering this response? How can I overcome it?

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It's partially conditioning. After a few years of controlling your temper on online forums, you get used to it. If you've ever seen a baby recently, they get stressed out and angry over everything, because they haven't been conditioned for many things. You're probably not conditioned to take criticism, or conditioned that all criticism is harmful. – Muz Apr 5 '14 at 9:04