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I have many things I want to do, but I never get anything done. I want to start learning things, but never have the motivation. I want to start doing things that are readily available, but hold myself back and don't let myself do it.

How do I get organized and on track?

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Start with why you want to do these things, and why you are not. It may be that you are simply attracted to the idea of getting them done, the feeling of success and recognition of having them accomplished. Your values should be reflected in the things you choose to do. And it is a choice. Accept the fact that you cannot do it all. Take a step back and see yourself 20 years from now. What do you want others to say about you then? Also ask yourself if fear is a reason you are holding yourself back. Are you afraid of not meeting your own and others' expectation of you? Are you afraid of failure? – TK-421 Apr 13 '14 at 2:13

Use the principle of Dramatic Visible Results. (This is a fun way to refer to the principle of "measurable progress", which is essential to effective change management.)

How it works:

Decide on something you want to do. Then before starting, set a goal -- one that is measurable enough that you can know when it is complete. For some projects, it may be hard to make a firm, distinct goal (some projects are that way); so if necessary, make a fuzzy goal. But make one!

Then work until you meet the goal. When you do, you will be able to see what the next goal should be, and whether you should continue that direction.

Don't start anything without such a goal. Tell a friend about the goal. Request him or her to ask you about your progress when you are together next.

If you haven't met the goal, be honest. You can explain you learned you didn't have the ability, or the interest; or your circumstances wouldn't allow you. (Sharing your goal may cause you to become more careful with your choices -- we would all rather report a success.)

When you meet the goal, tell someone. Make a badge out of aluminum foil and wear the badge, and when someone asks, explain what you did and what you will do next.

Oh yeah -- don't forget to "say no" to some other things, so you can work on the goal.

You asked "How do I get organized and on track?" That is not a related question.

As for what @TK-421 wrote, those are wise words. I think following my advice will cause you to think through all the questions TK-421 shared.

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Although I'm not a professional one about this, because I also fear to do something that I haven't done before. But sometime I just get over it. How? Sometimes you just need someone to guide you, if they have the experience of how to do it, you can get used to it quickly. If you don't have any person like that, maybe you should rely on yourself, just give yourself much belief, or you can make a goal and split it into some steps, so you can achieve one step for one time, and when you finished all of this, you just found that you have your goals done!

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First understand your own concern.

List down your acceptable worst case.

List down the best consequence scenario.

Scope your influence on how to get rid of all concerns.

List the factors which will contribute to situation.

See if the worst case scenario is OK that you feel comfortable to take the chance for the best one...

Then it would help you make decision on Go or NoGo

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